Inspired by life! Awake newborn photos/ Sunshine Coast newborn and children’s photography

One question I am asked a lot is, “what if my baby doesn’t sleep during my photography session?”.


That’s quite ok! In fact, I LOVE portraits of babies with bright eyes full of wonder! And so do parents…

It can really show a baby’s burgeoning personality, and give a hint of the person they will grow into. And as any parent will tell you, it’s totally enthralling and mesmerising…

These types of portraits when hung on the wall, are a conversation starter, a centre piece of a room, and will definitely be a favorite feature in many years to come.

Check out some of these alert beauties….

Their eyes bedazzle!

Most parents really want a photo of their baby sleeping peacefully, so angelic and innocent. This is true, however some of my most memorable portraits have been of babies awake! And how divine are they!????

Totally captivating….

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