Baby Safety

As a newborn and baby photographer, my aim to provide you with not only amazing portraits of your baby, but a pleasant and safe experience during your time with me.

Prior to your session, I have already thought about the safety of your child as I have an annual influenza vaccination, and I am lifetime vaccinated against whooping cough.

During your photography session, there are many ways in which I create an artistic portrait of your baby, in complete safety. This is my number one priority. I have studied very hard these safe methods. To keep your baby safe the baby needs to be positioned in a way that will not compromise their soft bones and cartilage, and they are within arms reach of a capable adult. The baby needs to be very comfortable and sleepy, some babies will go into certain positions easier than others.  Later a lot of work done in post production with techniques used in Photoshop of removing supporting hands and safety spotters.

Babies should NEVER be placed in something that can break or shatter ie glass or porcelain, also all baskets and boxes need to be structurally sound (not falling apart), and nothing close to baby that will cause allergies or scratch them.

All blankets and wraps are washed after every session. If something is really soiled, it is simply thrown out.

I specialize in hanging shots, such as the Dream Catcher, the Hanging Nest, Scales and the Swing. Your Baby is NEVER hanging in the air, this is all done in Photoshop.

Here are just some of those techniques displayed as a before (or straight out of camera) and after.

Unfortunately a lot of newborn photographers are not educated nearly enough to perform these shots without risk to a baby, they are simply busy with work based on price alone. Please consider your photographers expertise (even if you decide I am not the photographer for you) and knowledge of positioning your baby safely into a pose, getting the shot in a safe way and also having expertise in Photoshop to give you an awesome portrait with a very happy and healthy baby.

Gympie Baby Photographer- Baby safety

Mum’s hand is supporting baby, then removed in Photoshop.

Gympie Baby Photographer - Baby safety

Dad’s hand is lifted only long enough for me to click the shutter, then placed gently back down on bub. For this shot, baby must be very sound asleep.

Gympie Baby Photographer - Baby saftey

Baby is on the ground with Dad very close by. The nest is hung separately without baby in it, then the two photos are merged in Photoshop. For this shot, baby must be very sound asleep.

Sunshine Coast Baby Photographer - Baby safety

Baby is not in the air, but lying safely on a black piece of material.

Sunshine Coast Baby Photographer- Baby safety

I always have a parent or adult sitting close in every single set up- even the easy ones.




Gympie Baby Photographer - Newborn Baby safety

Dad is supporting baby the ENTIRE time. For this shot, baby must be very sound asleep.




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