Choosing the right photographer for you! Inspired by life, March 2018.

Beautiful portraits capture a moment in time of your family. Who wouldn’t want gorgeous photos of their most precious ones?

Planning your portrait session with a photographer that you are comfortable with is fundamental to you receiving the portraits you have always desired.

Things to consider when choosing your photographer are;

Their style and genre of photography suits your tastes and needs.

Depending on what type of photography you are requiring will depend on who you hire. What is the type of session do you require? Are you expecting your first baby, and you are considering maternity and newborn photos, or are you wanting to update your family portraits? Is there a need for  photos on your business website, or are you newly engaged and looking to plan your wedding? Choosing a photographer who specialises in the genre of photography you are needing is paramount to a successful outcome. Many different genres of photography require different skill sets and different equipment. This is just the first step in finding a photographer that is right for you.

Experience is a wonderful teacher. Although we all start somewhere, you are guaranteed to have more variety in your gallery, with less complications when you choose a photographer who has years of experienced.

Once you have chosen the correct type of photographer  for your needs, look around you. What colours shapes and textures do you like to see around you in your home?

Do you love light and airy, or  more dramatic feel, with lots of contrast? Do you love brighter colours, or are you more drawn to tones that are neutral with a soft tone. Do you love a more rustic /vintage feel, or are you a modern, clean lines type of person? How do you describe your home decor?

Do you like natural interaction, and movement in photos? Or do you love something that is a bit more styled?

Most photographers will have a style they are comfortable with, and if you are asking them to go outside their normal parameters of what they are used to creating, you may not receive an end product that you are happy with.


So now you have found a few photographers and you love examples of their previous work. Check out what others have said about their experiences with the photographer. Reviews are a wonderful insight into how their business is run. Most have reviews on their website and Facebook page.

Check out the Bubbalicious Photography Facebook reviews here:

Business structure

Does the photographer give you the opportunity to meet and go over any concerns or questions that you may have? In my opinion, this is a fundamental service to knowing that you can work with this person. Especially when working with babies and children. Do you trust this person with your newborn, or toddler? Is there full disclosure of pricing and procedures? What products and services do they offer once the session is done? Do they offer digital portaits only- or printed products only? What policies are in place within their business should something not go as planned?

Also, ensure the photographer has Public Liability Insurance, in the event that something unforeseen occurs during the photoshoot.

By meeting with your photographer, you will not only get to resolve any questions that you may have, but equally as important is the need of the photographer to assess what your vision is for your portraits. What it is that is important to you for them to capture?



As a specialist newborn photographer, it is so rewarding to photograph these tiny little humans in an artistic way. However, as the genre grows exponentially and new photographers are popping up all the time, lack of education has resulted in some babies being tragically hurt as there have been some really unsafe practises of posing babies in glass bowls, or hanging them from branches in cloth just to achieve a certain pose or look. There is no reason at all to put a baby in harms way – ever! Experienced newborn photographers first photograph the baby in a safe pose on a safe comfortable surface, then use Photoshop to digitally place the baby in a prop that would otherwise be uncomfortable or even dangerous. Ask the question! How does your intended photographer achieve this portrait?










Additionally, make sure you ask your newborn photographer if they are vaccinated, as new babies are unable to receive all their vaccinations, so it is imperative that the photographer presents no risk to the baby’s health.


Budget should be your last deciding factor when choosing your photographer. Although it is important to know that you are not going to have to sell you first child in order to be able to purchase from your photographer, and you can afford to go home with all that you desire, make sure you have thoroughly considered;

  1. Image quality/style.
  2. Personality.
  3. Business practises.
  4. Safety measures when dealing with infants.
  5. Experience.
  6. Recommendations/Word of Mouth.

Value for money and costs involved in the session are important, check with your photographer what they provide and at what price!


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22/03/2018 - 9:49 am

Tracy - Great advice Kym! It’s so important to make sure you place baby safety first and choose a photographer that you feel very confident to photograph your precious newborn and create special memories to last a lifetime. Price should definitely be on the bottom of the list of considerations.

22/03/2018 - 9:53 am

Channon Williamson - Absolutely great advice Kym.

22/03/2018 - 2:12 pm

Jodi - Wise words from such a talented lady. Beautiful work Kym x

23/03/2018 - 2:58 am

Melissa Clemons - Very informative Kym, thank you for sharing. Your images are precious!!!

23/03/2018 - 11:02 am

Sharleen - Kym you give such great advice. I love the advise to make sure that the photographer has had the necessary vaccinations. I love your image – it is such a delightful shot.

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