Taking professional photos is an art form, and choosing a photographer with experience and knowledge makes all the difference to the finished product. Bubbalicious Photography is a professional full-service photography experience, specialising in newborn photography, baby photography from 3 to 12 months, maternity photography and family photography.


 We start with an in-person, phone or email consultation. Which ever suits you best!

You are guided through your entire custom portrait experience. We help plan your wardrobe and discuss the perfect location for your session.

We help make decisions regarding the best way to display your portraits in your home or office.

You are invited to the studio to see all the unique and beautiful archival products offered by Bubbalicious Photography.



We are located in Cooran, in the Sunshine Coast Noosa Hinterland and have access to many beautiful outdoor settings in the area.

If you prefer an in studio session we can accommodate a family of 5. For larger families we recommend an outdoor location.



Visit us again at the studio for your Gallery Reveal and Ordering appointment.

This is when you will sit back and view the best portraits from your session in a beautiful slideshow. We then discuss and guide you in choosing the best way to display your favourite portraits from the session that fit your style and budget.

We use special software to help you visualize how portraits will look on your walls. Just snap a picture of your wall with your smartphone or tablet and email it to us!


Once your order is placed, we work with our professional lab to transform your treasured portraits from digital format to beautiful, tangible art pieces that will be enjoyed in your home and treasured by future generations of your family.

Your custom portraits are delivered to you within 3 to 4 weeks (depending on the products ordered).

Your family will thank you for investing in family heirlooms that they will cherish and become more sentimental as time passes.


It can be a significant investment having your family and newborn portraits professionally created, so you want to be sure you’re going to love the results. Kym offer’s a free in person consultation. This gives you a chance to look over the props and previous work, to discuss likes and dislikes, and to touch and really see the visualise how your portraits will appear on your walls. These beautiful pieces of art are sure to be a major talking point in your home for many years.

There is  NO OBLIGATION to purchase if you are not truly happy with your photos.


Where is your Studio?

The Bubbalicious studio is located in Cooran, a beautiful little town in the Noosa Hinterland.  Come for an enjoyable drive through the north Sunshine Coast!


Do you do location or just studio?

Kym loves going on adventures to new locations!  You have the choice of studio or location for all sessions except newborns. Newborn sessions are done here in the Bubbalicious studio as the variety of props provided is too great to travel with, and can be easily damaged, also the environment is very specifically set up so we can undress and move your baby from different props and poses with minimal fuss.

There is a travel fee for locations beyond a 50km radius from the Bubbalicious studio.


Is the shoot safe for my baby?

Absolutely! Baby safety comes first in all my setups. Kym spend’s a lot of time ensuring your baby is perfectly comfortable and safe before a shot is taken  Please click here for more information.


When is the best time to book my newborn photoshoot?

As soon as possible! If you are pregnant, contact Kym as soon as possible so that your due date can be booked in. Once baby is born, let Kym know as soon as possible so that we can schedule the session to around the time your baby is 6 days old. Only  a limited number of sessions per week are available.

When is payment due?

Your Session Fee needs to be paid within 48 hours of booking your session date.  If you do not pay your Session Fee, your chosen date may be booked by someone else.

Portrait products are to be paid at your ordering appointment.  If you require a payment plan, the first payment of 30% of the total is due at your ordering appointment and a payment schedule will be arranged over the next few months.


What is the best age to photograph a newborn baby?

Newborn babies are best photographed between 4-10 days old. At this age they are more settled and sleep a lot, have less skin problems (such as milk rash),  are naturally more curled up, and sometimes things like colic can become noticeable after 2 weeks of age. The end result is a session that runs far more smoothly and some really gorgeous sleepy content baby photos. Awake portraits are awesome too, but for the majority of the session it is better if they are sleepy so that they can be posed. Younger babies tend to go into certain curly type poses much easier than older babies and don’t mind having their clothes off if they are kept warm.


What if my baby is over the age of 10 days?

That’s ok too, Kym loves to photograph older babies and to truly capture burgeoning personalities! You need to expect however that your gallery will be mostly unposed, awake lifestyle type images. All babies are different, and it’s not to say that one baby will be easier to pose over another one merely based upon age, but generally speaking, the age of the baby can dictate how the session will run, and which poses the baby will go into.


I didn’t book before my baby arrived! Can you fit me in?

If you’ve had baby brain and completely forgot to book your session, please CALL  0405 449 170. While emails are great, if you are looking for a squeeze in appointment, the quickest way to find out and secure that session is to pick up the phone.


What if my baby is not feeling well?

A parents’ intuition is amazing, and if you suspect your baby is unwell to reschedule at your earliest convenience. There is no charge to reschedule due to illness or injury, however, once a session has begun, there will be a $50 charge to reschedule.


I am getting my little boy circumcised, when is the best time to photograph him?

Please let Kym know if and when you are having your little boy circumcised, as this will determine when the best time is to book your session.


How long does it take to get my photos and soft proof galleries?

At your photo session, we will make a time for you to come back and view your soft proofed gallery. This means that Kym will select the best portraits from your session (usually around 35) for you to choose from and fully edit up to 6 portraits so that you have a clear vision of how the final products will appear. Kym will let you know how long each portrait product will take to produce.


Do you offer Digitals Only?

As a Professional Photographer, it’s important to provide to you a professional product. Kym take’s the hassle and guess work involved in choosing the right portrait, printed at the correct size on the correct format (canvas, framed print, album etc)  for the space you have in mind.


How do I pay?

Accepted payments are eftpos, cash, EFT transfer or credit card.

Do you offer Payment Plans?


If your budget is tight (quite often it is when you have just had a baby!), you can choose to do a payment plan.

This is arranged at your ordering appointment after a 30% non-refundable deposit is paid.


Where can I find more information on the newborn session?

Once you have made your booking I will send a welcome pack with more information either by post or email.


I have another child or children, do you take photo’s of all the children?

Yes absolutely! Sibling shots are usually taken soon after you arrive so that the older sibling can then relax whilst we pose Baby. It is advisable if the child is quite young to bring another adult to take that child for a walk or be able to drive him/her to the local park etc whilst the session is continuing with the newborn. Whilst Kym loves photographing older siblings with their newest baby brother or sister, it’s advisable they are entertained elsewhere if they become a distraction in the studio after their portraits have been done.

During the session, don’t try to force children or pets into doing anything. Very gentle coaxing is ok, but it’s usually best to leave this up to the photographer. This is because as soon as you start to talk, the child or pet will look at you and not the photographer.


Can I have photos of me and my family with my newborn?

Absolutely! Kym encourages both mum, dad and any siblings to be in as many photos as they would like with their precious new baby!  It is especially wonderful for your child to have these beautiful keepsakes to look back on in years to come. Sometimes the last thing you would like to do is have your photo whilst recovering from birth and lack of sleep. Please think how truly precious these images will be for your baby when he/she is older!

The Bubbalicious studio can only accommodate small groups, so if you have family visiting and want to be included in the session, please be sure to let me know if they will be joining us,  this is usually limited to only a few.


Do I need to bring anything?

This question has a different answer for many different types of sessions and may change for different clients.  This question will be answered in your pre-session Consultation.


Can I have the rest of the unaltered images?

No. Raw/unedited/unaltered files are not for sale. Your photographs will be presented to you professionally softly edited and enhanced, and those will be available for purchase consideration.

One of the reasons clients love my work is due to my photographic skill, artistic vision, use of fabrics and textures and editing style.


Do the high resolution images contain a watermark?

No. The high resolution images are for your personal use and may be printed.

Please note that only images with my watermark are permitted for use on any public domain or social media.


What qualifications do you have?

Kym has a Diploma of Professional Photography. Kym continues to personally develop her photography by attending workshops and online forums. Photography truly is a love of hers, and she continues to study and work hard to give you a high quality end product.

Cameras and recording devices?

Kym doesn’t mind one or two photos of your baby posed, however please allow Kym her space and time needed for each set up. While the babies can look EXTREMELY cute and its only natural to want to run and grab that camera which is ok for a couple of photos, but this is what Kym am here for and why you are employing a professional. The photos that Kym will be taking are going to be far more lovely than those taken on inferior cameras and are unedited.