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I absolutely love photographing babies, children, pregnancy, and families. I love capturing those beautiful little peoples’ personalities as they flourish and grow from babyhood into toddlers and beyond.

My professional photography journey started in 2012, and I have loved creating stunning portraits of pregnancy, newborns and growing families ever since.

I have studied extensively over the past 7 years to know how to safely pose and photograph babies. With your input, I create beautiful pregnancy, newborn and family portraits. You never need to worry about how to stand or look, I show you what to do in an easy and fun way that is most flattering. I know how to deliver stunning portraits that you are going to love forever.

I am a memory maker… I capture moments in your life that are with the people you love the most!

Parents never need to worry if their baby cries during the session. I always only photograph the babies when they are happy and relaxed. Also known as a baby whisperer, I love sharing my knowledge of babies during newborn sessions – especially to new parents! My knowledge on how to settle babies, and to read their cues has given many new parents extra insight and confidence that may help them when their baby is crying or unsettled at home.

I am a professional photographer and have obtained a Diploma of Photography.  I am highly skilled in Photoshop to provide to you a unique baby portrait that is achieved with the highest of safety measures in place- the babies are never at risk of injury. I use top of the range professional cameras, lenses and equipment to deliver to you, my customer- a high quality end product.

My style is classic, organic, dignified, elegant and timeless.

It is art for your home.

My aim is to provide my customer an experience of custom photography- beautiful portraits to suit your tastes and decor. Art that will not date and that you can hang on your walls proudly for countless years. I always think of the baby’s that I am photographing, and imagine them looking at these portraits in 20, 30 or even 40 years time, and aspire to have them love these special images of themselves as a tiny baby.



It’s during those last few weeks, before you will finally get to see their beautiful little face for the first time, that is the perfect time to celebrate the end of one journey in your life and to get ready to celebrate the beginning of a whole new journey!

Maternity sessions are incredibly special. It is an honour to be able to capture such a private and personal moment for my clients. You can relax in the knowledge that I am skilled in the art of posing, and know how to move you and to simply relax to produce beautiful maternity portraits. Each maternity session is custom designed with the requests and comfort level of each individual client in mind. Maternity gowns are available for each client to wear or outfits brought from home are welcome as well.


“You are pregnant and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your contentedness. Trust your body to birth and know that the collective power of women worldwide will be with you.”
– Author Unknown




You have been waiting a long time for this beautiful little person to snuggle in your arms and to look into their eyes and wonder “where will you go little one, who will you be?”

There is nothing in this world that changes a life like becoming a parent. It is these moments that make my heart melt and I am given the honour of capturing precious memories. I will capture the miracle that is your new baby; from their impossibly long eyelashes to their adorably wrinkled feet. Photography is to suspend this moment in time for you so that you can revisit it over and over. I love newborn sessions, there is just no doubt about it; from the first consultation with the parents, to designing custom sets for each baby, to working with the babies at their sessions and then editing the images to gallery quality perfection. A lot of care and attention goes into every session so that you can fall in love with your portraits time and time again.




From the squishy rolls and chubby belly of a 6 month old to the wobbly legs and the big grins of a baby celebrating their first birthday, those first milestones are so much fun to capture as your baby grows so very quickly during that first year.

In addition to documenting expecting mothers, and the little details of newborn portraits Bubbalicious Photography also offers milestone packages to document their little ones for the entire first year. I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to be able to have all the little babies come back after their newborn sessions! I love to see how much they have changed and to see how big their little personalities have become! Each milestone session is completely designed, from start to finish, for each baby so that all they can do and all they have learned is showcased. Just as every baby is different, every session is different too!

A baby’s first birthday is a big deal and it’s time to celebrate! Bring your little one in for a customized one year session and capture all the new things that they have learned to do. They might be standing up steadier and steadier each day, getting ready to take their first solo steps! Their favorite game might be peek-a-boo or patty cake. They might have a favorite song that they love to dance to!

Then, of course, let’s add birthday cake and dial up the cuteness factor! Will they be a cautious icing poker or will they dive right in? First Birthday sessions are filled with adorably unexpected moments and surprises which is why they are so much fun!


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20/01/2016 - 10:12 am

jessica irwin - Hi my name is jess…
Im am interested in doing a maternity shoot with you, i am currently 22+ weeks pregnant and thought it would be a good time to maybe book something in, as i know photographers usually get quite busy in advance. Its my first bub and just want some simple photos of the bump 🙂 just wondering how the session works? and what the cost is per photo after the shoot, and weather or not you do cd’s or usb bundles? how do you charge? i am just curious because i have had some photos taken with star shots in the past and did not realise how expensive the photos were to actually purchase after the shoot. And felt quite ripped off, at my own fault also for not asking the right questions…

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