Newborn session information

Newborn photography is a very specialised field which requires more training and preparation than any other field of photography.

Your baby’s safety is most important. Countless hours are spent each year on professional development, ensuring your baby is being handled and posed safely.

There are many variables with newborns and there are a lot of things that help the session to flow better so that everyone is comfortable and the end product is simply stunning portraits of your gorgeous new baby. Baby safety is paramount, and Kym is a master of both the safe use of props, very knowledgeable on the physicality of newborns and what their tiny bodies are capable of with safe handling methods. Kym is also a Photoshop expert to give to you a unique portrait of your baby, combining images and never putting your baby at risk of injury.

The best time to get in contact is during your pregnancy so that you don’t miss out. A tentative booking is made based on your due date. Once baby is born and you are ready to leave hospital a suitable time and date for your session is then arranged. The ideal time to photograph newborn babies is around 4-10 days of age.

Allow for plenty of time for feeding and cuddling during the session so it will take between 2-4 hours. This time is kept to a minimum where possible as I am aware of the fatigue of new parents.

Your session fee covers a custom-styled photography session and your viewing appointment. Your gallery will display at least 20 portraits, each personally and creatively edited. The session fee does not include any prints, albums or digital images.

As babies are generally more settled in the morning, newborns are scheduled to start around 10 am. Outdoor sessions are best done in soft light, that is very early in the morning (just after sunrise) or late in the afternoon. You will be emailed a how to prepare baby  for arrival once the session time is confirmed.

Bubbalicious Photography provides an array of props and blankets to choose from, so there is no need for you to bring anything for your baby.

A pre-consultation in the Bubbalicious Studio will help Kym to create your vision. Let’s talk about choice of colours and props during the pre-consultation to ensure that the session is specifically tailored to your desires. This also gives you a chance to see where the studio is, to know what you are getting with each purchase and voice any concerns that you may have. This is highly recommend as it also gives you a chance to meet with Kym, and feel comfortable with the person who will be handling your precious  baby.

If there is a special something (ie, teddy bear or blanket etc) that you would like  to photograph with baby, bring that along.

As babies find it hard to regulate their temperature (and they will be naked for some shots),  the room will be heated so wear something cool, also bring a change of clothes for yourself-no nappy on means there are frequent wayward poos and wees (the bubs tend to wee and poo on some things, don’t worry, they are all washable), and all items used on the babies are freshly washed.

Also bring along some snacks for yourselves as you may get peckish by the time you have driven from home and the time it takes to photograph everyone.

If you use a dummy bring one- sometime babies just need to have suck time (if you don’t use a dummy that’s perfectly fine, don’t worry about bringing one).

Lastly but not least, bring anything for bub that he/she may need (spare nappies, milk, wipes, spare outfit etc).


Newborn photography specialist in Cooran. The Sunshine Coast, Queensland.