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A lot of parents have asked me, “What if my baby doesn’t sleep during my photography session?”. Most parents want a photo of their baby sleeping peacefully, so angelic and innocent and are concerned about awake newborn photos. Sometimes babies don’t want to sleep, and that’s still quite OK!

I LOVE awake newborn photos of babies with bright eyes full of wonder! For example, they can show a baby’s burgeoning personality and give a hint of their character. Many parents find that it’s so enthralling and mesmerising too. Some of my most memorable portraits have been of babies awake!

Awake newborn portraits when hung on the wall, tend to be real conversation starters. A centrepiece of a room, and will be a favourite feature for many years to come.

Don’t worry. Awake baby eyes will bedazzle you! So check out some of these alert beauties below and see what I mean.

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