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Stunning portraits capture moments in time. Do you want gorgeous photos of your most precious life moments? So, choosing the right photographer that you are comfortable with, is fundamental in receiving the portraits you have always desired.

Following are some critical points for you to consider when making your decision.

Does the photographer have the skills and experience you need?

So, what photography genre do you require? Are you expecting your first baby, and you are considering maternity and newborn photos? Perhaps you want to update your family portraits? Maybe you need pictures on your business website? You’re probably newly engaged and looking to plan your wedding? It is paramount that you choose a photographer who specialises in your genre of photography. Many different kinds of photography require different skill sets and various equipment. Therefore, it is essential to find a photographer that has the skills you need to ensure a successful outcome.

Experience is an excellent teacher. Above all, find a photographer experienced in your genre. The photographer’s expertise will create even more variety in your gallery, with fewer complications. As a result, a much more relaxed experience.

Does their style of photography suits your tastes?

Will your photographer deliver your chosen style? Decide what style you are after as you will need to communicate this to your photographer. This certainly will create a much less stressful experience if you and the photographer are on the same style page.

So, not sure what styles you like? Ask your self what colours shapes and textures do you want to see around you and in your home? Consider how do you describe your home decor? Light and airy, dramatic, with lots of contrast? Brighter colours or tones that are neutral and soft. Perhaps a more rustic/vintage feel, or are you a modern, clean lines type of person? Also, consider whether you like natural interaction and movement in photos?

Photographers have there own style they are comfortable with producing. It is risky asking them to go outside their creative comfort zone. It will undoubtedly result in you not being happy with the end product.

Have they got good reviews?

OK. You have found a few photographers, and you love examples of their previous work. Check out their reviews? What others have said is indeed an excellent insight into how well they do business. A good photographer will have reviews on their website and Facebook page. Checking reviews is an essential step in choosing the right photographer.

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How is the process going to work?

Every photographer has there ways of proceeding through your photography journey. It is worth ensuring you are clear about all parts of the process — sessions, post-production, product ordering, and so on. A good photographer will be clear and informative about their procedures. You should feel always feel comfortable.

Firstly, does the photographer allow you to meet and go over any concerns or questions that you may have? In my opinion, this is an essential service to knowing that you can work with this person. Furthermore, do you trust this person with your child? Also, is there full disclosure of pricing, procedures, what products and services do they offer? Do they offer digital portraits only- or printed products only? Finally, what policies are in place within their business should something not go as planned?

Meeting with your photographer is a great way to resolve any questions that you may have. More importantly, you and the photographer can discuss the vision you have for your portraits. You can also decide the essence you wish to capture. A great time also to check out all the props and indicate which ones you prefer.

Most importantly, when choosing the right photographer, always ensure they have Public Liability Insurance. The unforeseen is something we never think may occur. Accidents can happen.

Will my baby be safe?

Newborn photography has become a prevalent genre. Many new photographers are setting up to give it a go. Producing those amazing, seemly impossible images, requires skill, education and experience. In contrast, some new photographers are not creating these images safely. An experienced newborn photographer will never put your baby in danger or discomfort and will always pose your baby on a safe, comfortable surface. Professional editing software creates those Fantastic images. The time and skill required is the reason you are employing a professional photographer.

In conclusion, there is no reason at all to put a baby in harm’s way – ever! Ask the question! How does your intended photographer plan to achieve those particular portraits?

Choosing the right photographer for you. Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer Sunshine Coast Gympie Region
Baby appears to be sitting on a shelf. The illusion is created in software. The baby is laying safely on his back.

Is there any health risks?

You should always ask if your newborn photographer is vaccinated. New babies are unable to receive all their vaccinations. Therefore, the photographer must present no risk to the baby’s health. This health risk can also be a concern with younger children though the risk is not as significant.

From time to time, your photographer may get sick and will have to reschedule. Alternatively, they may offer a supplement photographer if the date cannot change. It is worth asking about there related policies.

Can I afford a professional photographer?

Price is the last thing to consider when choosing the right photographer.

A professional photographer is not just selling you an image. They are selling you there time, skills, experience and most of all, artistic abilities. Anybody today can take a happy snap, while a professional photographer creates cherished artworks for life. “Is this something I am prepared to invest in”, is the question to be asked.

Everybody has a budget. So you must enter this journey, knowing precisely the costs involved. So you can be assured you can achieve your goal within your budget. Most photographers offer several different packages and options to help you get what you desire. Good photographers will be very transparent regarding their prices and will ensure you can proceed without any surprises.

I hope this all gives you some insight into making your decision. Striving to conduct my business professionally is crucial to me. I aim to provide a gratifying experience as I take you through your journey of investment. It is a lot of fun when done right. I hope your upcoming experience is terrific too. Enjoy!

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