FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

All our FAQs can be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you still have any unanswered questions.

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Absolutely! Kym takes your babies safety extremely seriously. Kym and her family certainly have all our immunisation shots up to date, including whooping cough and influenza. I also hold a current first-aid certificate.

Absolutely! Baby safety comes first in all my setups. I spend a lot of time ensuring your baby is perfectly comfortable and safe before I take the shot. 

Please click here for more information.

Yes! If after you have received your welcome pack and you still have questions. Kym is happy to arrange a time for you to come into the studio and have a chat. Meet Kym in person before you commit to the session. An excellent opportunity to check out my props, talk about styles, decor and shoot ideas.

Please contact Kym to arrange a time.

Yes. Kym does not offer online galleries. Ordering appointments can only proceed at the Bubbalicious studio. Kym believes that it is essential to have your portraits presented to you in the best possible way. Kym does a presentation on a high definition screen of your images and can provide samples of the portrait products. This system ensures you make the best choices.

The appointment also provides an opportunity to discuss if you’re not entirely happy with a photo. Alterations can incur a fee of $25 depending on the complexity of adjustment. Generally, miner changes are free.

All decision-makers must be present. A fee of $100 will apply if another appointment is required.

Please contact Kym to reschedule at least 24 hours beforehand if you cannot commit your ordering appointment.

Yes. During the ordering appointment, you can order a variety of wall art options. Click here to obtain a detailed information pack and price list. 

Our professional lab receives your ordered image files and transforms your treasured images. So your family can enjoy and cherish the resulting tangible art pieces.

Production time is about 3 to 5 weeks.

Kym understands it can be a significant investment having professional family and newborn portraits created. Most importantly, you want assurance you’re going to love the results. There are two parts to this guarantee.

Firstly, Kym’s suppliers guarantee the quality of all portrait products. Also, all prints have a 75-year lightfastness (fading) guarantee. In other words, your beautiful pieces of art are sure to be a significant talking point in your home for many years.

Whether you will like the images Kym creates can only be guaranteed with confidence. In saying that, there is NO OBLIGATION to purchase if you are not truly happy with your photos. Only Kym’s previous works can assure you that you will like her style and artistic ability. Kym will guarantee that she will always endeavour to produce the most professional quality images she can.

Still not so assured? Kym does offer a free in-person consultation before the session. Here you can have a chance to look over the props and product samples. Perhaps, discuss with Kym your likes and dislikes. A great way to decide if you’re going to work well with Kym.

Please contact Kym to organise a pre-session consultation.

The Bubbalicious studio is located in Cooran. A beautiful little town nestled in the Noosa Hinterland. Only 35 minutes west of Noosa or 30 minutes south of Gympie.

Take a leisurely drive through the northern Sunshine Coast. Meanwhile, enjoy all the Hinterland has to offer. There are so many cafes and quaint shops. Check out the mighty Mount Cooroora and the surrounding scenery. Consequently, your a sure to enjoy the trip.

For more information and a detailed map, click here.

Kym loves going on adventures to new locations! To clarify, you can choose the studio or location for all sessions, except newborns.

Kym must shoot newborns in the Bubbalicious studio. There are two main reasons. Firstly, Kym has too many newborn props to practically travel. Secondly, newborns require a particular environment. To undress them and move them around, they need to be comfortable. Hence, the studio has the perfect setup. Click here for more info on the Bubbalicious studio.

Baby, Children and Family sessions that don’t require props can shoot on location. There is a travel fee for locations beyond a 50 km radius from the Bubbalicious studio.

The best time is as soon as possible!

If you are pregnant, contact Kym as soon as possible so that she can tentatively book your due date. Once baby is born, we can confirm your session date to ideally around the time your baby is about six days old. Only a limited number of sessions per week are available.

Session Fees are due as soon as you book your session. Consequently, if you do not pay your Session Fee, your chosen date cannot be confirmed. Sessions can not go ahead without full payment of the session fee.

Full payment is due for your final package and products invoice at your ordering appointment. Kym will not have products produced until receipt of full payment.

Payment plans require a deposit of 20-30% (depending on the plan) which is due at your ordering appointment. The outstanding amount is due as agreed in the monthly payment schedule. Again, Kym will not have products produced until receipt of all scheduled payments.

4-10 days old is the best age to photograph newborn babies.

At this age, they are more settled and sleep a lot. Have fewer skin problems (such as milk rash) and are naturally more curled up. Things like colic can become noticeable after two weeks of age. Babies at this age tend to go into particular curly type poses much more naturally than older babies. Likewise, they also don’t mind having their clothes off if they are kept warm.

The result is a session that runs far more smoothly — producing some gorgeous sleepy baby photos. Awake portraits can be awesome too. But for the majority of the session, posing is more comfortable if they are drowsy.

OK. Less then ten days old is considered the perfect age. At that age, it’s generally easier to get all those sleepy poses that most people are after. Those first ten days can be daunting and isn’t always practical to fit in a baby shoot.

So don’t worry. It’s still all good. I have done many newborn shoots on babies up to 6 weeks old. More often than not, the baby will be more awake the older they get. So just keep this in mind. Awake shots are still fantastic, though. Here is an interesting article about Awake Newborn Photography to ease your mind.

It can also come down to the individual child as well. Some kids are just more relaxed than others. Either way, I’m happy to photograph any baby, and I haven’t disappointed yet.

If you’ve had baby brain and completely forgot (it happens) to book your session, please CALL 0405 449 170. So the quickest way to find out and secure that session is to pick up the phone. Kym will do her best to squeeze you in.

A parents’ intuition is impressive. Please contact Kym and reschedule as soon as possible if you suspect your baby is unwell. There is no charge to reschedule before a session starts due to illness or injury. However, once a session has begun, there will be a $50 charge to reschedule.

The best time to get him photographed is before he gets his circumcision. The circumcision can cause some discomfort which may cause a hindrance when doing the session.

Circumcision done straight away in the hospital, requires some time to heal before the shoot.

Please call and discuss with Kym the best time to book your session if you have any further concerns. 

The images you selected at your ordering appointment will need to go through a final editing process. The process will take about a week. Kym will email you a Dropbox link once complete. You can then download your finished image files while you wait for any products to arrive. The Dropbox link will only be open for a week.

Any products you have ordered can take up to 3-5 weeks to arrive. I will contact you once these have arrived at the Bubbalicious studio. Kym will arrange for you to pick up or organise freight at additional cost. You will also get your USB stick with all your final images as a back up with your ordered products.

Kym does have an EFTPOS machine at her studio. So Kym can accept and prefer bank cards (CHQ or SAV) and most credit cards.

You may also pay via electronic bank transfer (EFT) and good old cash always works. Contact Kym for more details.

Yes! So your budget is tight. Not to worry. Kym can offer you a payment plan. I understand quite often it is when you have just had a baby!

Arrange a payment plan at your ordering appointment. Subsequently, the plan requires a non-refundable deposit. Please contact Kym for more details. 

Yes absolutely! Kym loves involving older siblings in the shoot.

Sibling shots are usually the first to be taken so that the older sibling can then relax while we pose the baby. It is advisable if the older children are quite young, to bring another adult. They will need to take care of those children while the session is continuing with the newborn. Perhaps they can go for a walk or drive them to the local park etc. The older siblings mustn’t become a distraction for the baby.

During the session, don’t try to force children or pets into doing anything. Very gentle coaxing is OK, but it’s usually best to leave this up to the photographer. Talking to the child or pet will take the focus away from the photographer’s camera.

Absolutely! Involvement by Mum, Dad and siblings, is always encouraged by Kym. They can be in as many photos as they would like with their precious new baby! It is especially wonderful for your child to have these beautiful keepsakes to look back on in years to come. OK, I know, your still recovering from the birth or suffering from lack of sleep. The last thing you would like to do is have your photo taken. Don’t worry. It’s not as bad as you think. Just consider how genuinely precious these images will be for your baby when he/she is older!

The Bubbalicious studio can only accommodate small groups. Larger groups will need arrangements made.

This question has many different answers. It will depend on the type of sessions and may change for various clients. Kym can answer this question during your pre-session consultation or contact Kym for further discussion.

No. Raw/unedited/unaltered files are not for sale. So Kym will only present professionally edited photographs to you for viewing. In saying that, Kym will select only the best shots for editing. Kym is ensuring that all images are perfect. Above all, Kym’s style of editing is a big part of her art — this a significant reason her clients love her work.

No. The high-resolution images do not have a watermark. Hence you can print these images for personal use. I also supply you low-resolution watermarked images. Share these images on public domains and social media.

Kym has completed a Diploma of Professional Photography. She also continues to develop her craft by attending workshops and online forums. Kym truly is passionate about photography. So Kym is always working hard to give you high-quality products and experiences.

Kym doesn’t mind you taking one or two photos of your baby posed. However, please allow Kym her space and time needed for each setup. It’s only natural to want to run and grab your camera when your baby is looking EXTREMELY cute. A couple of happy snaps is OK. Remember, you are employing a professional photographer. The professional images will be of much higher quality than that taken on your phone.

Absolutely! Share like crazy! However, please only use the low-resolution watermarked images. The high-resolution images are only for personal use printing. Generally, these files are too big to upload to social media anyway. In saying that, Kym will ask you to remove any shared images that do not have my watermark.

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