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Bubbalicious Photography is well known for creating beautiful studio portraits of newborn babies. However, I also really LOVE to get outside with families and young children and creating outdoor portraits.

There is nothing more relaxing than getting outside and exploring the great outdoors! Especially in the beautiful Queensland weather. Outdoor portraits are a beautiful addition to any family’s home. Does your family enjoy the outdoors? Indeed, take the opportunity to get some fantastic pictures at your favourite location. Being based on the Sunshine Coast and in the Noosa Hinterland, there are many suitable outdoor locations. So you can pick from picturesque rolling hills, fantastic rain forests or spectacular beach scenes — something for everyone. I am happy to travel to your favourite spot, or you can meet me at some of mine.

Kids and pets love the outdoors

Most importantly, children older than toddler age are often more relaxed outside exploring the great outdoors. Being outside can create a more natural type of portraiture. I can capture them just being kids – full of energy and having a natural curiosity for the world around them. The studio tends to be a little more confined, which can hinder a child’s spirit. Trying to get a four year old to stand still, smile and look at the camera is quite a challenge. Talk about frustrating! Better to let them run free!

Feel free to bring your favourite pets too. Because active shots of your beloved family pets interacting with you and your kids are priceless. I have many portraits of my kids with the family dog, cat and even horses. The kids will love it too. Consequently, this helps to capture those perfect natural moments.

Best time to shoot outdoors

The best time to shoot outdoor photography is either early morning or late afternoon. These times create the best light for those perfect shots. Plus, it’s much cooler at those times of the day, which is a bonus. Above all, a setting sun over a magnificent landscape also makes for a much more interesting photo.

If you are interested in booking an outdoor portrait session? Contact me and we can discuss this further.

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